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About Vela Garška

When you grow tired of the loud cities and busy lifestyles, sometimes you need to relax and reconnect with nature.

Welcome to Vela Garška bay, a hidden gem on the beautiful island of Hvar, where you can enjoy some fine Dalmatian cuisine in Konoba Mareta, or have a cocktail with a sunset view at Calma Beach bar

Sustainable, nature friendly port

Locally sourced, fresh food

At Vela Garška, we cooperate with nature and strive to protect the environment and its endangered species. 

This is why all facilities at Vela Garška are powered exclusively by

renewable energy sources, and we provide an ecologically organized anchoring system. The bay is also part of Natura 2000, the largest network of protected areas for the conservation of endangered species and habitat types in the world. 

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